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Oy Darepro Ltd is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of video screen displays for sports arenas, stadiums and advertising. Established in 1993, the company is globally recognized for its pioneering concept designs using LED technology. Darepro is a leader in true color dynamics and the shortest display frame delay.

Dare to display the best!



We have delivered scoring and visual information systems to plenty of big and small arenas around Europe. Close cooperation with local partners and equipment suppliers have helped build our solid expertise in this area. A creative approach together with our in-house production allows us to meet even your most demanding requirements.



The high quality of Darepro video screens has been tested by various international championships and rough weather conditions. Every installation is thoroughly developed according to a particular project's goals. We supply individualized and total solutions to all sizes of stadiums.



Our clients can decide on the size and shape of the screen – we provide the rest. Darepro is also continuously developing new products – special LED solutions help to create the desired atmosphere for the venue or event.


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Display your true colors.

Our team of experienced professionals is working together to deliver market success for our customers.

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Henri Orpo

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Jukka Parviainen

Technical Director

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Leo Hongisto

Project Manager

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Peep Vahermets

Area Manager / Baltics

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Jukka Mikkilä

Project Manager

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Oy Darepro Ltd
Vaisalantie 2
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Tel. +358 207 969 490

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Designing your concept We tailor the best LED display package that works for you.


Based on your specifications, we tailor a video screen display solution that works with unmatched reliability. This guarantees that you get the best total cost of ownership. We work closely with you during concept design to ensure that the solution you receive functions to your complete satisfaction over its entire life cycle.

Creating the experience:

Wherever you want to display information, we can turn your vision into a complete experience for your viewers to enjoy. We know how to tailor the entire display package for the strongest impression. To create a winning atmosphere in all kinds of environments. Combining animation, sports scores, times, stairs, panels, special offers – all with the precision of clockwork. In any size or any shape.

Lowest total costs of ownership:

Working with us gives you full assurance that you've made the right decision. Our display systems are simply built to work. We know what to focus on and how to combine superior display elements for the longest lasting reliability. Maintenance is rare, if needed at all. And all this adds up to the lowest operational costs available.

Integrated approach:

We take an integrated approach in all we do. Our teams collaborate closely with your teams to design the best display system for your needs. From the start, we integrate our concept to your space, colors, shapes and surroundings. We can work on your behalf to integrate the right suppliers, installation teams and authorities – and orchestrate your entire video screen delivery with external systems and the control system.


Manufacturing and execution We take full responsibility for the technical implementation. You have our guarantee.


Our manufacturing expertise brings you a better image through superior dynamics, outstanding brightness in all lighting conditions and the shortest frame delay available. Picture processing and refresh rate are also excellent. Plus, you can control all of this easily through our proprietary TunePro control unit.

Manufacturing quality:

No other LED display manufacturer has set the score so high. We've been working as experts in this field ever since we (under the name of Oy Darekon Ltd) were selected to deliver the first LED video screens to the Moscow Space Flight Control Center in 1987. From here, our story has continued over the decades with numerous video screen successes.

Our high-quality manufacturing processes in Finland have a direct impact on lowering your costs of ownership. Our range of manufacturing know-how is considerably extensive. And we offer flexibility for quick modifications.

Superior control system:

With our first-class TunePro control unit, you can create a perfect impression every time.

Turnkey execution:

It's easy to work with us. Not only do we take total responsibility for every video screen delivery, we are extremely transparent when it comes to what's included in the final package. We've been trusted with complete projects for years – and know all that needs to be included, which eliminates any risk of surprises along the way.

space flight control center

Our first LED video screen was delivered to the Moscow Space Flight Control Center in 1987.

for the best contrast

Perfect black screen surface

Darepro uses the best available components and technologies to produce the most perfect black and smooth screen surface. Viewers see your message, not the screen.

for a long-lasting impression

Unique color adjustment technology

Darepro has invented a unique technology to adjust the colors and the tones. LEDs give a smooth gradient across the entire screen area.

for the spectators

world class quality

Darepro has long experience of installations at ice arenas in many countries. Video screens and control equipment systems have been successfully tested at several World Championships.

Integration and support We're there for you every step after the installation.


Once installed, we'll help you get the most of your new video screen display system. From training of your personnel to being on call whenever you have a question, we're ready to help if needed. Our 3-year warranty guarantees that we stand behind our products – always.

Smooth installation:

When commissioning each system, we are responsible for the work ourselves or supervise any other team. At the same time, we train all persons and referees that will be using the system so that they fully know how to take advantage of all the functions.

Guaranteed success:

Our warranty of 3 years means exactly what you expect. We fully support our deliveries with our personal guarantee that you'll find our systems to be a 100% total success.

Personal support:

You have direct access to our representatives 24/7 for any service or support questions you may have. If service and maintenance is required, you'll have someone there quickly to do the job. All spare parts are available for our deliveries for at least 10 years.

Green thinking:

Our LED display systems are fully certified according to ISO 14001. They have been engineered for an extremely long lifetime with low power consumption or need of spare parts.